What is Tgrade?

Tgrade is a public, permissionless blockchain that bridges traditional finance (TradFi) to blockchain by addressing the issues around compliance which are a barrier for TradFi. This is a achieved by a governance layer that is self-sovereign, meaning that anyone can set up a Trusted Circle and maintain a list of addresses (whitelisting), with a Trusted Circle it is possible to permission Digital Assets or smart contracts/DeFi protocols to the Trusted Circle. The compliance layer is done off-chain, as each jurisdiction will have their own rules, and regulated businesses will have their own processes and procedures already in place.



Tgrade Engagement Points

In Tgrade, you can earn rewards for your promotional activities by earning engagement points. By contributing to the project, you can earn rewards that you can use as you see fit.


Project review

In this presentation , we discuss the key concepts behind the TGrade project. Proof-of-Engagement, Engagement Points, Oversight Community - after watching our video you will understand what these terms are :)


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