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We want to minimize fees as much as possible while maintaining a highly reliable and safe node infrastructure.



We have a reliable data center system, with all the protection mechanisms and the best specialists. We guarantee 100% uptime and 0% fines.



Anytime, anywhere you can get competent help from our experts.



Cryptech have created a special insurance fund that will cover any losses if they were caused by us.

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Denys Puchkin

Founder, Team Lead, Blockchain Expert

Daria Shapoval


Taras Kozak

Computer systems engineer

Roman Shaulskiy

DevOps, Network engineer

Ivan Hnatenko

DevOps, Cryptography Specialist

Oleksii Tkachenko

DevOps, Community manager

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Baki and Cooper

What is staking?

Learn more about stacking and how we work with it.

Staking is a substitute for mining, it allows users to get cryptocurrency without resorting to complex mathematical calculations. The meaning of such activity is to maintain the operation of the blockchain and the processes taking place inside it. For stimulating the network performance, the system issues a reward.

This algorithm assumes that the generation of new blocks is carried out not by the node that has done successful computational work, but by the one who owns a certain share of the cryptocurrency from its total number. For each new block that the validator created, a reward will be received.

We have a small commission for the work of the validator, which may vary from project to project, but on average 5%.

We do not store assets directly, with the exception of the tokens that the validator receives for his work. The assets remain with you, you only transfer their voting power to us.

We do not store the assets of our users. We do not need your wallets and data, for the safety for which you and only you are responsible.

Every blockchain has penalties for validator failure, but our team will not let that happen. The status of each validator is monitored in real-time thanks to monitoring systems, which guarantee the impossibility of receiving a penalty in the chain. But we should not forget about external circumstances that cannot depend on us. In any case, if the penalty occurred through our fault, your funds will be returned in full.

Also, do not consider our site as an investment advisor. Any asset has volatility, keep this in mind. We are not responsible for any losses that may occur in such a case.